Testimonials Indigenous Merchandise

  • I would just like to let you know how much I am enjoying my new carry bag it is comfortable and I love the Many pathways design, it is unique and I get a lot of positive comments about it. I am looking forward to getting the matching iPad case.

Amanda H

Primary School Teacher


  • Love the iPad case fits perfect. Thanks for taking the time to find the right one. Love it!!!!

Karen C

Aboriginal Education

  • I gave the boomerang design bag and iPad case to my husband and he really liked it – awesome present.

Lisa T

  • Thanks for sending my bag so quickly. Love the design and the bio and product info on your website. Looking forward to seeing more of your designs.

Steven B

  • Cool designs.

Natalie N

  • Loved your programs for a long time and now I love your bags. Keep strong.

Trish P