Testimonials Nature's Connections Program

  • What a fantastic program and the kids were really really engaged!

Thrilled with kids’ work and they were too

Going to frame one photo each

They painted a small one each

Plus the joint effort with a large one

They look super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Girls were very pleased with themselves and cannot wait to take them home.



Primary School Teacher

  • I loved the different ideas that each person could get out of the different photos and how they symbolises the help we give to our clients.

Cultural Appreciation Workshop Attendee

  • Strong connections and sharing of feelings through the native photos.

Peter C

Community worker

  • My favourite part of the day was choosing a picture to tell a story activity.

Emily T

Staff retreat / cultural workshop

  • All the photos were very nice; they made it easy to a talk about who we are but through the pictures.

Rebecca P

Conference workshop

  • What a powerful program, it opened up lines of communication that I had not experienced before.

Jim E