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Cultural Appreciation Program / Conferences / Workshops
Cultural Appreciation Workshop attendee’s feedback / comments
  • Very informative and presented in a way easy to understand.
  • Very coherent and clear. Non-judgemental.
  • I enjoyed Lee’s openness and willingness to answer all questions and to engage in conversation.
  • Photos, presentation very inclusive.
  • Openness- Honesty- Engagement. Enjoyed it all.
  • I enjoyed the discussions and interaction within the group. The facilitation was excellent.
  • Lee – has good down to earth communication style, easy to listen to, made it fun/ informative/ enjoyable.
  • I enjoyed how the information was clear and easy to understand, how Lee made everyone feel comfortable. How well Lee expressed herself and made fair judgements and how strong a leader Lee was, she was inspiring. I hate meetings with a passion but I really enjoyed yours. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.
  • Was a great training session glad that …… organised the session.
  • Lee – Easy to listen to and entertaining.
  • Friendly atmosphere.
  • I enjoyed the workshop. Thank you
Conference attendee’s feedback/comments
  • The entire session was delivered in a wonderful way. Well done Lee.

Attendee Sydney

  • Very informative, great presentation.

Attendee Sydney

  • The presentation was interesting and engaging. No boring bits at all! Thanks.

Attendee Tasmania

  • Presentation was excellent and informative.

Attendee Canberra

  • I enjoyed your warm personal presentation style.

Attendee Queensland

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us, I found your presentation to be very informative.

Chris Y

Primary School Teacher

Workshop attendee’s feedback/comments
  • Informative and interactive.
  • Enjoyable and easy to listen to, the time went by so quick. I wish the workshop was longer.
  • Loved the connections that were made during the Yarning Circle space.
  • I got a real sense of belonging and felt my voice was heard. Thank you for creating such a safe space.
  • I found the use of the images very powerful and then listening to the structure that sits underneath the use of images within the QTAGS and Nature’s Connections programs was very impressive.
  • Easy to understand but a completely new concept. I would love to learn more.