Testimonials Step into your QTAGS

  • I found the QTAGS activity really helpful and interactive. It was interesting to see what each picture meant to each person.

Tom P

Youth Worker

  • I now have a new way to look at who I am and how to harness my unique qualities. The program was really easy to apply to my own QTAGS.

Lisa P

Family care worker – staff retreat 2015

  • QTAGS what a different concept. Now that I understand QTAGS I will always look at myself and the world around me with that lens. Thank you for opening my world to a new way of understanding.

Douglas S

Community member

  • Looking forward to STEPping into my QTAGS. Great program.

Sandy T

Community member

  • I used the STEP into your QTAGS program with my year six class in preparation for them going to high school. The program had some really amazing results and the students enjoyed the activities. I intent to use it with all the classes that I work with.


Liz M

  • Thank you for running the QTAGS program at our community day. The feedback from participates was excellent, everyone I spoke to said that they would like to attend more of your sessions.

Local Community Organisation